Antonio Ríos

Hi there! I'm a 22 years Multimedia Engineering student at the University of
Alicante. I will finish my degree in 2020 in the itinerary of Leisure and
Digital Entertainment.
I consider myself a hard-working person who pursues the constant
improvement of himself to bring his best to the work he is currently doing.
Interested in Machine Learning, Web Development and Game Development.

I am also very passionate about writing, so I'm also a videogame news and review editor at Navi Games

Professional interests

Game & Backend/Network Programming

I am very passionate about everything that surrounds Game Programming. Specially multiplayer systems, Graphic Engines and Sound Engines.

Database Design & Programming

Everything isn't videogames. I am also very intrested in Database Desing and Programming and it's different technologies (either to be SQL or NoSQL)

Sound Design & Music Composition

Although I'm not a professional musician. I'm very passionate about sound and music composition in the side of programming with tools like FMOD Studio.

User Interface Design

I'm also interested in User Interface design to create a good User Experience in my applications