Genesis Engine

Genesis Engine is an open source graphics engine made from scratch with OpenGL and C++, by 5 Multimedia Engineers for our final year project, Inspire.

This engine was designed and programmed for low-end devices (it has proven good performance in a Intel Celeron 3000 series processor with 2 GB for RAM, where 700MB are reserved for video memory, no graphics dedicated card) . It's main features are:

  • Simplicity.
  • Flexibility.
  • Support for efficient resource handling.
  • Support for post-processing effects.
  • Cel-shading.
  • 2D graphics and Billboards.
  • Optimization techniques such as Frustrum Culling and dynamic Level of Detail(for static meshes and even animations).

Take a look at the code on GitHub.


In the development process of this engine I took care about the data handling, basic render proccess, 2D graphics implementingbillboard behavourdebugging and resource management.

Also, I was one of the main designers of the engine's facade for our video game, always trying to simplify the communication between both applications.

Finally, on the art side, I contributed to the cell-shading cartoon style implementing the geometry outline coloring with Geometry Shaders.


  • 2019

Open source graphics engine made from scratch with OpenGL and C++.

Technologies used:

  • C++
  • OpenGL