TEU API Project


TEU is an investigation project of the Complutense University of Madrid.

The web application developed for this project stablished a basic database wich handled and indexed the documents and resources gathered by the investigators in order to create and easy document retrieval at any moment they desired.



My contributions to this project were:

Database design

Designed a database in PosgreSQL in order to satisfy clients conditions

User API Development

Application to show clearly the data of the database to de users and allowing them to make queries in order to check documentation

File Management

Special file management system to reduce costs of the web application


Collaboration with the research project: HISTORIA DEL TEATRO UNIVERSITARIO ESPAÑOL FFI2015-66393-P.

Technologies used:

  • Laravel 5.0 with PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Bootstrap 4.0
  • Amazon Web Services 3.0